Peace Over Pieces takes a unique approach to helping victims get out of their situation. Talking one-on-one, the podcasts dive into the backstory of the affected individual and their story. Their identity may be hidden. You may donate to a specific individual that you’ve watched, or give a general donation to the Peace Over Pieces Fund; which will be disbursed to multiple needs. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, and below on the website. If you are a victim of domestic abuse, would like to be featured on a podcast, or would like to talk privately; please contact us.

Episode 24: Amanda's Story

” My name is Amanda. I was born and raised in Ireland and moved to New York 11 years ago with my abuser, where I first noticed he wasn’t the man I thought he was. Despite the terrible situation I was in, I fell in love with New York instantly and loved the freedom and anonymity it provided me, along with the joy of knowing there is never a boring day and always something to do.I’m an avid reader with a large book collection. I enjoy cooking and trying new restaurants with my friends. I love fashion and photography. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Being an auntie to my two nephews is the most joyous part of my life.I love podcasts, and two years ago, I decided to start my own podcast where I speak about my journey with domestic abuse (IPV and Me). I am a part of the Allstate Foundation Survivor Network, where I use my story to help spread awareness of DV (my goal in life). I can be found on social media @mandgoggs, where I post about my advocacy, books, fashion, and reality TV! “

Episode 23: Kate's Story

“Hello there, I’m a patchwork artist with the business name, Patchwookmama, on Instagram. I began sewing in September 2021 as a distraction when I had really bad insomnia after leaving my abusive situation. I started with hand sewing, then bought a sewing machine, and finally today I bought a serger to experiment with! Feel free to frolick along with my Instagram to see my heart-work creations and where I vend at.My other callings are my sweet sonshine child, my pets, and singing, and loose free dancing with intention. My personal medicine of choice besides plants are music and movement.”-Katie ️”

Episode 22: Anna's Story

“Meet Anna, a courageous individual who miraculously escaped her abuser after 6 years and has now become an expert on violence against women. She is also a certified mental health first aider and has worked with renowned non-profits such as Maitri India and CSSG. In recognition of her contribution to society, she was felicitated by SRL Diagnostics as a Woman of Substance in 2015. Anna is passionate about raising awareness on gender-based violence and mental health, and she works tirelessly to empower individuals, groups, and organizations to live their lives bravely and freely. Join us as Anna shares her inspiring story of resilience and hope on our podcast.

Episode 21: Ayo's Story

“My name is Ayo, I live in Hampshire, Uk. I’m 37 (almost 38). I love to keep fit, working out, yoga and running. I write poetry about love/heartbreak and things in between. I love to dance and enjoying my freedom and second chance at life.

I am now working on building a career so I can be successful, thrive and show my children that I came out the other side a success story. I hope they will be proud of me. The relationship lasted 16 years, last 9 with the abuse I talk about. Although overall the relationship had controlling aspects and a lot of emotional abuse, hugely affecting my confidence for a long time.

After the main big arrest, he also had me arrested another two times for “breach of non-molestation order”, showing how relentless he was during this time.”

Episode 20: Chrissie's Story

“Dive into Chrissie’s story facing domestic abuse and how she overcame what seemed an impossible journey.

Episode 19: Lucy Newton's Story

“Hi, my name is Kebz I’m a 29 year old woman living in the Easy Midlands, England. Here I tell my story of how falling into a domestically abusive relationship as a teenager led me to fall victim to predatory men as a young adult & my journey with what happened to me mentally afterward and how I learned to cope, survive and thrive as a woman heading into her 30s! I hope my story can be an inspiration to others.”

Episode 18: Lauren Channon's Story

“My names Loz and I am 35 year old, single mum of 3 beautiful beings. Let me take you on a journey of my experience with Abuse and how I normalised it from a young age. From growing up in toxicity to marrying into toxicity. I will take you on a journey of patterned behaviour that led me into the relationship and then my survival story of removing myself and my 3 children. Emotional abuse can go unnoticed and “tolerated” within relationships for years and I would like to share my story to create awareness for others. I’ll see you inside the episode…​”

Episode 17: Steven Stakias's Story

“19-year-old Steven Stakias is a sophomore nursing major and survivor of abuse. He shares his heart wrenching story of sexual assault and abuse at the hands of his fraternities president while attending York College of Pennsylvania. In this episode Steven will share his experience with his on going title IX investigation and healing his trauma.​”

Episode 16: Ashley Fossen's Story

“Ashley Fossen recently went viral on TikTok sharing her past with an abusive relationship – and how everything looked “perfect” on social media, but actually was far from. She touches on the psychological feeling of why it’s difficult to leave amidst the abuse, and how she is transitioning out of her situation. Ashley is currently in need of donations to move into her new house and start fresh – please donate to her by reaching out to her, or though the Peace Over Pieces website.”

Episode 15: Krissy Long's Story

“Today our special guest is Kristen Long. She is a 30-year-old stay at home mother of 3. Married to her husband for five years. Kristen attended Columbia College and received my associates degree in Human Services. On this podcast we dive into her incredible story of overcoming her previous abuser’s attempted murder. We also touch on the physical/psychological effects after her abusive relationship, how her dog played a major role in getting through her dark days, and also the process of overcoming the legal aspect and process when you’re transitioning out of an abusive relationship.”

Episode 14: Alex Dickneite's Story

“My fiancé Alex Dickneite and I sit down to discuss the topic of the outside perspective looking into abuse, dating someone from an abusive past, and the stereotypes and change of perception being someone who wasn’t aware of what abuse entails.”

Episode 13: Cristo Tabares Story

“Excited for this episode with a good friend of mine, Cristo Tabares.

Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, he was very active in sports, student council, and community organizations growing up.

23-years-old and raised by a single mother and my sister, Cristo graduated from Westminster with a double major, Psychology and Leadership studies. He is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University getting my masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Today we dive into a similar background story to his childhood, being raised around parents with an abusive history – and how it shapes you as a child transitioning into adulthood.”

Episode 12: Kelsie Mathews's Story

“Kelsie Mathews is a singer, actress, and wears many other hats in Hollywood. She also wears a domestic violence survivor title most proudly. She uses her platform to share her story to help others like her, bring awareness, but overall try to make a change.”

Episode 11: Calamity Jane's Story

“Welcoming podcast guests, Lucy Cantley and Camille Rae – otherwise known as Calamity Jane Official on social media. This music duo based out of Nashville is Lead by violinist Lucy Cantley and complimented by the sultry vocals of Camille Rae, Together, they redefine genre with a fresh take on Alternative Country. Both recently going viral on TikTok and Instagram for posting a video of an abusive roommate. Camille reveals the story of her abusive roommate, and emphasizes that it’s not always a significant other or authority figure that can trap you in an abusive cycle.”

Episode 10: September's Story

“September Burton is a Fertility expert and abuse survivor, September started her career as a U.S. Navy personal chef to 4-star Admirals, stationed in Sicily, Italy. She also is the Founder and CEO of “4-months-to-Fertile”, working with couples and mothers struggling with primary or secondary infertility and is the organizer of the first ever Colorado Fertility Conference. She dives in her experience with abusive relationships, and how to cope later on in life & fall in love with who you are.”

Episode 9: Clara's Story

“Founder of Peace Over Pieces, Clara Baldwin, shares her personal story of what inspired her to start the organization.”

Episode 8: Alexandra

“Alexandra Barry, founder of Siblings of Murdered Siblings Foundation – shares her story on becoming a survivor of losing her brother to homicide. She touches on her personal story, the court process, and her advice to those suffering from trauma.”

Episode 7: Breana

“Fitness coach and Instagram influencer, Breana Kelsi shares the story of how she met her abuser where she worked and how she discovered he was cheating on her through a DM on Instagram. She shares tips about trauma and how it is being with a narcissist.”

Episode 6: Tracey

“Welcoming our first international guest Tracey dives into her story of how a manipulative 20-year marriage destroyed her mentally and emotionally. This is our first podcast that shows emotional abuse awareness is just as important as physical abuse.”

Episode 5: Andre

“Houston native Andre Lamont goes from a victim of child abuse and homelessness, to a successful motivational speaker and college student.”

Episode 4: Raelynn

“21-year-old Raelynn Henson shares her heart-wrenching story on sexual abuse and how to overcome trauma.”

Episode 3: Trish

“Abuse Recovery Coach and survivor of sexual assault Trish Lane shares her personal stories and touches on the subjects of narcissists and how to take the first step in leaving abusive relationships.”

Episode 2: Elizabeth

“Life Coach & domestic abuse survivor Elizabeth Rohaidy touches on the subjects of financial abuse, misconceptions of domestic violence, and how to cope when healing.”

Episode 1: Katie

“Here is Katie Cuscaden, a midwest-raised 24 year old who shares her story of domestic abuse at a young age.”

Episode Intro: Clara

“Non-profit creator Clara Baldwin speaks her purpose in the cause and why domestic abuse is important to her.”
“Domestic violence can be so easy for people to ignore, as it often happens without any witnesses and it is sometimes easier not to get involved. Yet, by publicly speaking out against domestic violence, together we can challenge attitudes towards violence in the home and show that domestic violence is a crime and not merely unacceptable. ”

- Honor Blackman

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