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Written by real survivors of abuse. 100% of the purchases go towards helping survivors transition into a new life post-abuse.

Peace Over Pieces is a non-profit domestic violence organization
creating podcasts with victims, providing donations, and throwing events for awareness.


Peace Over Pieces is about saving lives. We speak one-on-one to victims of domestic abuse, while providing resources to education, shelters, and communication to other victims to help the healing process.
After speaking to domestic abuse victims, we publish their podcasts and videos for other victims/general viewers to listen to. This not only helps in the healing process in a therapeutic way but also allows viewers to donate funds/supplies to the specific victim.

New Merch Drop. 100% of purchases goes to helping survivors transition out of abusive environments.

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Peace Over Pieces provides victims...


Peace Over Pieces is not a direct resource to our own personal shelter. Peace Over Pieces strives to educate and empower domestic violence survivors so they may gain confidence and a sense of self-worth. For those affected to make a successful transition to life outside the shelter,


Recognizing the strong relationship between domestic violence and mental health, Peace Over Pieces provides emotional support for no cost. Individual donations are available to any person, child or adult, who has been affected by domestic violence. This includes those still in abusive relationships, as well as those who have left their abusers.


Peace Over Pieces is able to provide information on a variety of programs to survivors of all ages on their journey to safety and normalcy. We recognize that survivors escaping domestic violence face new and unfamiliar situations and having access to the right people at the right time can make all the difference in the world.

If you are a victim, or have questions/comment, please contact us below.

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